Córas Smachta na Gaeilge i
nGaelscoil Aonach Urmhumhan 2008

Mar is eol daoibh tá an córas Smachta sa scoil seo bunaithe ar mholadh ar an gcuid is mó in áit cáineadh. Is é an scéal céanna nuair a thagann sé chuig Gaeilge ‘Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh sí’ agus is é sin an dearcadh a bhíonn againn. Toisc gur Gaelscoil í seo, is í an Ghaeilge an teanga cumarsáide sa scoil i measc na fóirne scoile agus idir na páistí.

As you know, we frequently reward the children for speaking a good standard of Gaeilge and for using phrases, expressions, proverbs etc. They receive stickers, class votes, prizes and more! In order for the children to achieve competency in speaking as Gaeilge, as it is the children’s second language, they must speak it in formal and informal settings, ar scoil agus sa bhaile, so that they reach the level of thinking ‘as Gaeilge’ ( as many children from Rang a 3 up would). This follows the ‘Immersion’ method of teaching languages, the most effective system recommended by our organisation, Gaelscoileanna. By reaching this level of fluency, time is reduced in teaching language structure, vocabulary etc. in the senior classes time which is spent on other elements of the curriculum, and the children are speaking as Gaeilge in a very comfortable manner while building their self-confidence. This is all in line with our school ethos.

As Irish is now an official EU language, your children have a wonderful opportunity of attaining proficiency and pride in our national language here at the Gaelscoil.

However, when children deliberately speak in English outside of English class, in situations where they have the competency to speak ‘as Gaeilge’ the system falls down and the standard of Gaeilge is immediately seen to suffer. As this now happens on a regular basis, we felt we needed to do something about it.

Therefore we have spent some time researching a system that would inform you and your child if he/she is deliberately and defiantly speaking in English. We will be issuing a ‘Cárta Bán’ to these children a sample of which is below. These will be sent home for your information and signature. Having received 3 chárta bán your child would next receive a Cárta Buí and we would then telephone you to endeavour to remedy the situation. Should your child receive 3 more ‘cártaí bána’, he/she would then get a ‘Cárta Dearg’. We would need to meet you at this point, looking for a lot more support from you and your child, i labhairt na Gaeilge.

So now we are looking for your support in the following ways to help and encourage your children to speak as Gaeilge:

  • Speak ‘as Gaeilge’ as often as you can to your child.
  • Speak to your child about how you value the Irish language and why you chose a Gaelscoil for your child’s education. Chat about the values of our Irish identity and culture. Instil in your child an appreciation of all things Irish.
  • When you are on the school premises or at the gate, always speak as much Irish as you can. If you haven’t the basic greetings, please learn them and use them! Your child can teach you!! (Books and websites a-plenty are also available!)
  • If your child brings home a ‘Cártá Bán’ for you to sign please discuss again the importance of speaking ‘as Gaeilge’, of abiding by the school rules and ethos and of showing respect for fellow pupils and school staff.

Remember, that you are their primary educators – we can only build on your good work.
Go raibh míle maith agaibh do bhur n-aird agus tacaíocht i gcónaí.

Is mise, le meas,
Inez Uí Éanáin

Ainm _____________________ Dáta ___________

Cárta Uimhir ______ Rang ________

Ag Labhairt Béarla
Sa Chlós Sa Seomra Ranga Sa Halla Sa Phasáiste
Lasmuigh den scoil leis an Rang
Lena chairde Leis an múinteoir
Díreach os comhair an mhúinteora


Síniú an Mhúinteora ____________________________
Síniú an Tuismitheora ___________________________



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