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Snámh 2010

A Thuismitheoirí, a Chairde

Beidh an snámh ag tosnu ar ais arís Dé hAoine 23-4 go dtí 28-5-2010 (6 sheachtain).

3 sheisiún gach lá:
Seisiún 1 9:45 – 10:25 Rang 6, 3 agus Naí Mhóra
(parents need to be at the pool at 9:30)
Seisiún 2 10:25 – 11:05 Rang 1, 4 agus ½ Naí. Bheaga
(parents need to be at the pool at 10:10)
Seisiún 3 11:05 – 11:45 Rang 5, 2 agus ½ Naí. Bheaga
(parents need to be at the pool at 10:50)

It is essential that parents of children in Infants (or those looking after them) are at the pool 15 mins. before the swim session to assist in changing. As all the children i Naí Shóis + most i Naí Shínsear need help in dressing etc.... it is most important that if you cannot be there to undress and dress your own child, then you let us know in writing before hand who you have asked to take your place i.e. another adult eg. childminder, or other parent.

Children should bring a separate swimming bag to school big enough to hold all clothes and go in locker while swimming. Your child’s name should be marked clearly on the bag, swimsuit, towel, goggles (all children should wear goggles), armbands (if required) as well as on all clothes worn by your child including under wear. In order that the swimming teachers can use your child’s name, please write your child’s name down the centre of his/her swimming cap in large letters with a permanent pen. Children with long hair should keep it tied back and should bring a turban towel/small extra towel to wear over their shoulders back at school while their hair is wet. All children should wear a hat/cap after swimming to keep head as warm as possible. As smaller items of clothing often get wet, we also suggest that children bring a spare pair of socks and underwear.

The following is the cost for your child’s swimming course, which we would appreciated being sent in by Friday March 26th, le bhur dtoil.

€40.00 for 1 child in a family, €75.00 for 2 children & €100.00 for 3 children
(The cost, including bus, is significantly less than that of lessons alone, if going outside school.)

With Aquatics given a very important emphasis in the P.E. Curriculum we look forward to all children benefiting immensely from this year’s swimming course. We recommend that you bring your children swimming over the coming weeks so that they are familiar with the pool surroundings and are up to their appropriate level for grading on the first day of lessons. Go n-éirí linn!

Seo daoibh cuid den bhfoclóir a bhaineann leis an snámh!

  • ag Snámh:
  • Swimming Gloiní Cosanta: Goggles
  • Linn Snámha: Swimming Pool
  • Mála Snámha: Swimming bag
  • Culaith Snámha: Swimming togs/Swimsuit
  • Bandaí Lámha: Arm Bands
  • Caipín Snámha: Swimming cap
  • ag Tomadh: Diving
  • Tuáille: Towel
  • taobh domhain/éadomhain: deep/shallow end
  • An bhfuil snámh agat inniu? Have you swimming today?
  • An maith leat ag dul ag snámh? Do you like going swimming?
  • An raibh spórt agat ag snámh inniu? Did you have fun at swimming today?
  • Bain taitneamh as an snámh! Enjoy swimming



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