Encore sa Ghaelscoil!

Bhí an Ghaelscoil thar a bheith gnóthach le linn na seachtaine seo caite leis an seachtain fraincíse a bhí ar siúl! With fantastic co-operation between parents and staff, the children enjoyed a tremendous range of activities all week;

  • from parents holding cookery sessions for all classes, to Les Dégoustations - the tasting experiences - where the children got to taste a range of authentic french food,
  • to increasing their french vocabulary and the chance to hear and speak it
  • to the french quiz
  • the pétanque bliots
  • the learning to play La Marseillaise
  • and sing a range of french songs.

On Thursday afternoon the children enjoyed a workshop on the making of perfume, with some lovely french samples! On Thursday night, it was the parents turn to enjoy La Soirée Francaise, a french social evening where Peter Ward, Country Choice, entertained all with an insightful french and wine-tasting evening! The week culminated in all at the Gaelscoil dressing in bleu, blanc et rouge on Friday for La Foire Francaise in the Halla! - Une semaine superbe pour tout!

La Semaine Francaise

Naí Bheaga & Mhóra - Un, Deux, Trois

Naí Bheaga & Mhóra - Les Tricolores

Rang 1

Rang 2


Rang 4

Rang 5

Rang 6

Banna Ceoil - Alouette

Rang 1

Banna Ceoil - La Marseillaise





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