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Michael Lowry T.D. Visits the Gaelscoil

As part of our ongoing political awareness programme, last Monday we had great pleasure in welcoming Deputy Lowry to Gaelscoil Aonach Urmhumhan to speak to the children from 3rd to 6th classes.

Deputy Lowry explained to the children how the electoral system works for electing our national politicians. He detailed the length and breath of the constituency of Tipperary North and that we elect three politicians to take their seats in Dáil Éireann to represent the people of this area.

Michael explained how he first became interested in politics, being heavily involved in his local community in Holycross and within the GAA in Tipperary. He described how he evolved from being a party politician for FG to becoming an Independent T.D. and answered many questions regarding the advantages and disadvantages of each. The disadvantages included not having the strength of the party machine behind you. The advantages included being able to vote as you see fit and not being bound by the party whip. Giving conditional support to the Government Deputy Lowry explained how he was able to provide and secure services and things for his constituency.

Deputy Lowry gave a great insight into the busy life of a rural T.D. – combining life in the Dail and being active in the local area. Monday is spent on Constituency engagements – meeting people with problems, attending meetings etc.

The Dail convenes on a Tuesday afternoon with the Government setting out the week’s agenda. This often causes a heated debate with the opposition disputing the times allocated to certain discussions.
Wednesday is a busy day of voting and passing legislation. Also within the Private Motions the Opposition get to raise issues of concern. On Thursdays thye have Leader’s Questions with the Taoiseach or Tánaiste responding to questions raised.

Then it’s back to the constituencies for clinics, meetings and functions on Fridays and Saturdays and hopefully the odd match or race meeting on Sundays.

The children asked Deputy Lowry many questions ranging from his motivation for entering politics to his favourite moment in politics and sport and as to whether he had any pets! Michael answered the questions fully and openly. On his departure the sixth class children formed a spontaneous guard of honour and wished him well in the forthcoming election.

We really enjoyed the visit of Deputy Lowry. The children got a great insight into how our system of National Politics works and it brought to life the busy lifestyle of a rural T.D.



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