Bunreacht Coiste na dTuismitheoirí:
Gaelscoil Aonach Urmhumhan

Cad é Coiste na dTuismitheoirí?
Is é Coiste na dTuismitheoirí the structure through which parents / guardians in the school can work together for the best possible education for the pupils. Is é an t-ainm atá ar an gCoiste ná “Coiste na dTuismitheoirí, Gaelscoil Aonach Urmhumhan”.
Oibríonn an Coiste leis an bPríomhoide, Foireann agus Bord Bainistíochta na scoile chun páirtíocht éifeachtach idir scoil agus baile a chothú (This is written in accordance with Section 26 of the Education Act).


Membership of the Coiste shall be open to all parents/guardians of pupils currently attending the Gaelscoil. A new Coiste will be elected at the AGM every two years. Outgoing members may go forward for re-election. Any positions to be filled due to resignation of Coiste members in the intervening period will be filled at the subsequent AGM. In the event of the dissolution of a Coiste, the functions and responsibilities of Coiste shall pass to the Bord Bainistíochta.

Aidhmeanna an Choiste
a) To promote the welfare and interests of all the pupils in the Gaelscoil.
b) To inform parents of developments in education and in the school.
c) To assist in extra-curricular activities.
d) To help with the provision of extra equipment and teaching aids.
e) To foster a social interaction of parents/guardians chun an ghaeilge a fhorbairt í measc na dtuismitheoirí agus í a úsáid chomh minic agus is féidir.
f) To run events: educational, social and fundraising, where necessary, for the pupils at the Gaelscoil and their families.

Bailiúchán Airgid
a) The Coiste is responsible to the Bord Bainistíochta for all monies raised in the name of the Gaelscoil.
b) Fundraising ventures should have the advance approval of the Bord Bainistíochta and all proceeds of fundraising events should be lodged to the Gaelscoil Account as soon as possible after the event.
c) A statement of funds raised shall be prepared and presented by the Treasurer at the AGM and forwarded to the Bord Bainistiochta..

a) 7 days notice of meetings and an agenda of same shall be sent to each member of the Coiste.
b) Minutes of all meetings shall be recorded by the Secretary and subsequently circulated to Coiste members. They will be proposed and seconded at meetings, and a hard copy kept on file by the Rúnaí.
c) The Coiste shall come to all major decisions at official meetings only. NO ONE MEMBER shall have any function as an individual.
d) The confidentiality of the meetings shall be absolute.
e) There shall be no discussion of individual pupils or teachers at Coiste meetings.
f) If a member of the Coiste misses three consecutive meetings of the Coiste without a valid reason and notification to the Secretary s/he will be deemed to have resigned.
g) The Coiste may have sub-committees/working parties made up of other parents/guardians and teachers for specific projects. Full reports shall be made to the Coiste.

Toghchán an Choiste:
a) The Coiste shall have no fewer than 6 and no more than 12 members.
b) The 2 parents’ representatives on the Bórd Bainistíochta are automatically members of the Coiste. Inez will liaise between Bord Bainistiochta, Tuismitheoirí and the teachers. The Príomhoide or deputy is the liaison between the pupils, staff and board.
c) The election shall take place at the AGM of the Coiste.
d) Election to the Coiste shall be on the basis of a vote amongst those parents/guardians in attendance at the AGM.
e) Every two years a general call for nominations to the Coiste will be circulated to parents/guardians 14 days before the AGM.
f) Each person going forward must be proposed and seconded by two parents/guardians of pupils attending the Gaelscoil. Nomination forms must be lodged with the Coiste Secretary at least four days in advance of the AGM. Those nominated will be informed prior to the AGM, and will be requested to confirm their interest in going forward. All nominated parents/guardians will be requested to attend the AGM.
g) If the number of valid nominations equals 10, these 10 will be deemed elected to the Coiste.
h) If the number of nominations exceeds 10 a secret ballot will be held among all parents/guardians present at the AGM. An independent teller will be appointed.
i) If the number nominated is fewer than 10, those nominated prior to the AGM will be deemed to be elected. The remaining number of members required may be proposed and seconded from the floor on the night of the AGM and must be in attendance. At this point, if the number of nominations from the floor exceeds the number of places left to be filled on the Coiste there will be a secret ballot to elect the remaining members. An independent teller will be appointed.



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